Does Your Home Define You?

Our homes are an extension of inner ourselves. They reflect our personality through design, aesthetics, and vibe. We take pride in our carefully chosen color schemes, granite countertops, and thoughtfully plotted landscaping. We create homes to be our sanctuary and the anchor that reminds us of who we are, where we’ve been, and who we hope to be in the future.

Home. It’s where we find serenity and a sense of belonging. We assemble as a family to share meals, create memories, and escape the demands of the world in which we live. We yearn for the comfort of our homes.

What does “home” mean?

The word ‘home’ calls forth floods of memories and nostalgia. For some, home means a place to gather. Shelter. Visions of a brick Cape Cod surrounded by a wide green lawn come to mind for me. An environmental psychologist at the College of Wooster, Susan Clayton, determined that a lot of people identify ‘home’ as part of their self-definition. How do you define yourself through your home? Is it by the growth charts scratched in the pantry trim or the cement handprints on the front steps?

Many of us get swept up in our daily tasks, not looking too far beyond our immediate sphere of life. Sure, we watch segments from CNN each evening or keep up with current events while surfing the internet on our smartphones, tablets, or laptops as we take long luxurious sips from cardboard-lined paper cups filled with our favorite spice-infused coffee. We like to pop earbuds in to keep us motivated and drown out the chaos of gunshots or whistles blowing on our children’s Playstations before getting our daily dose of cardio on our treadmills. This is normal American life.

Currently, Creators of Hope serves people who can be described by one of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of homelessness. They are “people who are living in a place not meant for human habitation.” They, like you and me, want homes that will serve as their refuge. They pray for a place free from danger and violence swirling around them as they try to sleep each night. They yearn for a place that will heal their brokenness by the comfort of shared meals, laughter, and memories.

All homes are not equal

I invite you to think outside of your safe, comfortable American life and reflect on the people of Jamaica who long for a safe place to eat, sleep, worship, share meals, and make lasting memories in a home all their own. Their desires aren’t different from yours and mine, but their circumstances are vastly different.

We aim to help more people by building and renewing lives one home at a time. Creators of Hope sets out to help people create their own home with which they can take pride and know the feeling of security and comfort in a safe and clean place.

Join Us

Join Creators of Hope in our plan to give poverty-stricken people of Jamaica a new life and new home by getting involved today.