Hands of Friendship, Across Borders


The story of Creators of Hope would never have begun without the efforts of several people who made the trip for 12+ years and some for 17 years prior to this organization’s inception.

Deacon Bill Bussan, Ron Schueller, Bob Digman, Gary Prawitz, Myron Tranel, and Greg and Mary Sieckman are some of the people who volunteered in Jamaica before Joe made his first trip.

These people laid the critical groundwork and connections without which we wouldn’t be where we are today. One individual in particular, Bob Digman deserves special mention as someone who’s volunteered in Jamaica multiple times, leading work projects on-site, and helping families to get education for their children. He has been a very important part of this endeavor with his construction expertise and huge heart.

As anyone who’s worked on a project like this knows, the first question is always, Where do we start? Having already answered that question, these folks paved the way for Creators of Hope to grow the project on a bigger scale, and impact even more people.

 “I consider myself to be extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and work with these individuals, and now move forward with my desire to help and serve others.” — Joe Biba, Founder

Our Board of Directors

Overseeing operations and planning, financial controls, compliance with laws and regulations, assistance with securing adequate funds, and representing the organization’s various constituencies, our board members were carefully chosen for their skill, expertise, and passion.


Father Baylon 
Our primary contact and liaison in Jamaica, Creators of Hope could not function without Fr. Baylon’s careful and compassionate screening of potential home recipients, and referral and organization of local, on-the-ground programs that ensure Creator recipients’ ongoing success.

 His intimate knowledge of his native country of Jamaica and its people’s challenges are the driving force behind our efforts.

 If Joe is the heart of Creators of Hope stateside, Father Baylon is the heart of Creators of Hope in Jamaica.

Deborah Kevin
Nonprofit specialist who supports our communications, storytelling, fundraising, and social sharing.

Alan Wallner
Our resident web design guru, working with Joe to help make his vision a reality, is a great story of perseverance and following a calling.  

Charisse Sisou
Charisse’s wrote the intial copy and content for our website.

If you would like to be a part of this team and contribute your unique skills to our mission, click here to request more information.