Treasurer: Kim Biba

I refer to myself as the “silent partner” because I am behind the scenes doing what I can to make sure everything continues to run smoothly at home and in business. As Treasurer, I bring my years of experience leading the accounting and record keeping aspects of all of our businesses, and balance those duties with working full time and making sure our kids are cared for and get to where they need to go.

I bring a wealth of nonprofit expertise to the Board, having served on the board of the Parent’s Music Club for our church for 5 years, and volunteered in a number of capacities: as a religious education teacher, Girl Scout troop leader and member of the Jaycees. I continue to serve as music minister and volunteer for various church fundraisers.

Since our youngest was born the year that Joe started going on the Jamaica trips, I have yet to attend in person—but have certainly been in spirit. Someday I will get there. 

“Kim can be quiet, but her mind is always going. She has always believed in me, and supported me in the areas that are not my expertise. Kim is brilliant when it comes to taking what I am thinking and putting it to paper so that others can understand it as well.

“Without her support and hands-on help, developing Creators of Hope would not be possible. She held down the fort at home, with a six-week-old newborn and two other children in school, allowing me to make my first trip to Jamaica. She also loves to help in many different ways and be of service anytime she gets the opportunity.”—Joe Biba