Since 2012, 49 volunteers have constructed 9 houses and repaired 7 more, putting roofs over the heads of about 70 people—most of whom were children (about 50).

That’s with 1-2 trips a year, before we raised a single dime as a nonprofit organization.

Imagine what we could do with 100, 200, 300 volunteers? 12 trips a year? Check out where we’re heading.

We officially gained nonprofit status in April, 2015.

When we have financials to report, this page is where you’ll find them. In the meantime, here’s the lowdown:

At the present moment, the organization is largely funded by its founder, Joe Biba.

Besides donating time and labor, volunteers cover all of their own travel and lodging costs.

Some of you may be looking for our overhead ratio*—and when we have sufficient data to calculate it, we will gladly provide it.

A nonprofit’s real costs are legitimate expenses that need to be reimbursed in order for the organization to be sustainable, effective and have impact. 

Our commitment is to apply the greatest percentage of contributions possible directly to the people we serve. 

We encourage you—as you determine where to spend your charitable dollar—to consider multiple factors to determine a nonprofit’s performance; we invite you to browse this site to see how Creators of Hope stacks up in areas of transparency, governance, leadership and results. Or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

I’m Ready to Make an Impact!

*What’s an overhead ratio, you ask? The overhead ratio commonly refers to the percentage of a nonprofit organization’s expenses that is devoted to administrative costs and fundraising costs. It is calculated by adding administrative and fundraising costs and dividing by total expenses (as filed with the IRS on Form 990).