Coming Soon: Mission in Action!


First things first: a huge thank you to everyone who used Giving Tuesday as an opportunity to support Creators of Hope. Our mission couldn’t run without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We’re now planning for our next trip to Jamaica, which will be in January 2018. Our volunteers will put our mission into practice, building homes for families who need them.

When you volunteer with Creators of Hope, you’re part of something extraordinary. You’re helping to change the future, not just for a single family, but for whole communities at a time. You’re giving the gifts of safety and security. You’re providing people with the foundation for a better life, one in which they can help and support each other while they work toward a bright future for themselves and their children.

Volunteers don’t need special training: you learn the simple building skills you need on the job. Imagine watching a house coming together, with sturdy walls, a watertight roof, and secure windows and doors, and knowing that it’s the work of your hands and the hands of the team around you that make this happen. Imagine meeting the people who will live in that house and sharing their joy as they celebrate the day they move in. You probably remember the happiness of moving into a new house you loved. Now think about how it would have felt if that place had also been the first real home you had ever known.

In January, we’ll send a team of about 14 people to Porus, Jamaica, to work with Father Baylon and the families we’re able to help this year. In future, we hope to have enough funding to send two to three teams every week throughout the winter. (Imagine how many more houses we could build then!)

Learn more about us, get involved, and over the next few weeks, get ready to learn more about our mission trips!