“It’s not a handout…we’re teaching them to fish.”
– Joe Biba, Founder

Creators of Hope brings clean, dry housing to Jamaica’s most vulnerable populations—children, the elderly, and single mothers—in the most poverty-stricken rural areas around Porus, and beyond.


But it doesn’t end there.


We collaborate closely with a whole suite of local programs to support these folks… So in addition to receiving a house, each recipient is equipped with the tools to keep and maintain it.


  • Entrepreneurial and business programs
  • Money management training
  • Tuition assistance to keep children in school

Having a home and ongoing support gives recipients an unprecedented opportunity to reach a sustainable, productive quality of life—allowing them to transcend the vicious poverty cycle.

Because when you’re just trying to survive, it’s hard to think about doing anything else.

The number of people we are able to impact is limited only by funding and volunteers.

You can make a difference. Help house a family in need.


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